One size rarely fits all when it comes to insurance. allinsure understand every industry is absolutely unique, with its own specific risks to be factored closely into your insurance strategy. Rather than offer pre-packaged policies, allinsure specialise in providing tailored industry-specific solutions, based on years of first-hand experience as well as key insights gained from major industry research groups including the highly respected LMI Hazard.

The links, below, highlight some of the main industries we specialise in. However, you can use our expertise to assist business operators within any occupation or industry type.

Construction & Trades

Time is money in the fast-paced world of construction. Whether you’re a builder, plumber, tiler, concreter, electrician, bricklayer or work in another construction related trade, allinsure moves quickly to understand the risks your business faces to ensure you get the most comprehensive cover, and the best value, in the shortest possible time.

SME Business & Retail

Small businesses can still face big risks. Compact teams that rely heavily on certain individuals, tight margins and even tighter cash flow make it absolutely vital to protect your key assets and bottom line, to ensure your continued ability to do what you do best, whatever the future might hold.

Property Owners & Developers

Property owners face an increasing range of exposures that standard insurance packages aren’t always able to cover. With experience protecting properties of all types and sizes – together with a keen eye on changing industry trends, products and safety guidelines – allinsure can help tailor a unique solution that perfectly suits your needs.

Hotels, Pubs, Taverns & Hospitality

From slips, falls and breakages, to issues around food safety and security contractors, hotels, pubs and hospitality operators are faced with ever-changing risk exposures. Coupled with the added pressure of increasingly-complex legislative requirements, it’s essential to work with an insurance partner who understands what the risks are, and how to effectively manage them with the right cover.

Health & Beauty

The nature of the Beauty Industry means it’s often considered ‘high-risk’ by insurers, with accidents and errors having potentially serious consequences. allinsure understands good risk management is vital, as is structuring the right level of protection at a price you can justify.

Real Estate & Professional Services

Recruitment, real estate, accountants, architects, lawyers, engineers and more. When professional advice forms a core part of your business offering, there’s an ongoing risk of financial and reputational exposure due to negligence or inadvertent errors. That means it’s vital to ensure you’re always fully protected.

Information Technology

Information technology remains one of the fastest-growing industry sectors in Australia. But it’s also one of the fastest changing, with a constant stream of new systems and technologies to understand – and new IP to protect – presenting many risks and challenges for business owners. allinsure knows your bottom line depends directly on your ability to adapt to your clients’ IT needs, quickly and securely.

Residential & Commercial Strata

Executive Committees/Body Corporates along with their unit titled buildings face a range of exposures that often require key modifications to standard insurance packages. With legislative requirements differing in each state and territory, it’s vital to work with a specialist like allinsure to ensure you have the right cover in place to avoid any financial shortfall or legal exposure.

Civil Contractors & Engineering

Civil Contractors and Engineers are faced with a highly specialised and often complex network of insurable risks. allinsure understands the challenges presented by the infrastructure and construction landscape and uses this to ensure you’re always fully protected.

Import, Export, Transport & Logistics

Every day, the Australian economy depends on the ability of businesses to deliver and receive goods safely and reliably. Whether your markets are domestic or international, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and heavily regulated, bringing with them a wide range of significant risk exposures.

Manufacturing & Light Industrial

Whatever you produce, wherever you produce it, manufacturing can be a risk-heavy business with many eventualities to be considered – from the crippling impact of product recalls, machinery breakdowns and lost production time, to personal injury and liabilities issues.

Motor Trade (Motor Dealerships, Smash Repairers & Panel Beaters)

From motor dealerships and mechanic workshops, to smash repairers and panel beaters, allinsure brings many years of understanding into the unique insurance needs of automotive trade businesses.


Whatever risks your business faces, allinsure is ideally placed to help you protect against them. With access to an extensive range of policy options from leading Australian and global insurers, we’ll help to customise the ideal insurance solution for your business.



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